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HOLS--FIELD NIG LTD has a large workforce carrying out their various objectives for the growth and full efficiency of the company. Below is an overview of our major staff and heads of departments.

Mrs. Oloketuyi Adenike: Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O)

Engr. Oloketuyi Akinwole: Managing Director

Mr. Oloketuyi Adeniyi: Director (Human resources)

Mr. Olubummo Babajide: General Manager

Mr. Goriowo Taye: Head of Secretarial Affairs

Mr. Falajiki Babatunde: Head of Operations

Mr. Adigun Kolawole: Head of Personnel Affairs.

Mr. Akintokun Adeniyi: Head of Accounting.

Mr. Idowu Goriowo: Head of Marketing.

Mrs. Ojuigo Otiora: Legal & Regulatory

We believe that superior client services, diligent workmanship and attention to details have created the strong foundation on which we base our company. We are passionate about our work and our greatest achievement is the satisfaction of a job completed above expectations.

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